The Travel Dreams Bundle

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably itching to get back to travel planning. We’ll all craving that adrenaline rush after booking a flight ticket, or confirming an all-inclusive stay at an island destination.

While things are starting to look positive in some countries around the world, with a few restrictions being loosened and borders slowly starting to open up, we know that it’ll still be a while until we’ll be able to travel freely around the world again.

And even then, how is traveling going to be? How will the travel industry adapt, and what added precautions will we need to take when we finally set off with our suitcases in tow? The way that we travel is going to change, that’s for sure.

To keep us at bay with our travel dreaming while we’re still confined to our homes and to have something readily available to look forward to, the team at Solo Traveler World have put together the Travel Dreams Bundle.

What is the Travel Dreams Bundle?

The #TravelDreamsBundle is an amazing collection of travel and lifestyle resources to use both now, while we’re still dreaming about traveling, as well as when we can actually hit the road again.

The bundle is designed for keen travelers to level up their travel skills with a combination of live coaching sessions, online courses, ebooks and various other travel resources. As well as a great collection of travel resources to help ease the costs of traveling when do we venture out again.

They’ve partnered up with brands like Rough Guides, Insight Guides, RVLove, Tinggly, cudoo, Let’s Roam, Nomad Stays and Inside the TravelLab – among others. The entire bundle is worth $600, but you can get it all for only $49.95! Amazing!!

Because it’s such a great deal, it’s only on sale for 9 days – from 14 – 22 June 2020. And, there’s only 300 available. So you really don’t want to miss out – act fast on this deal.

Get the #TravelDreamsBundle here!


What is included in the bundle?

For only $600, you get access to the below list of services/products. And remember, while you might not be super interested in all of the below, there are likely a few that will peak your interest. Some alone are worth more than the $50 – so even if it’s just one of the courses or the live coaching sessions that you’re after – it’s well worth it!

Insider knowledge from professional travelers

From some of the top travel guides available to access to the top travel professionals in live group coaching sessions and an amazing writing course.

  • Four Live, Group Coaching Sessions for the New Normal of Travel

    • Value: $60.00

  • Choice of one Rough Guides ebook

    • Value: $18.99 – 20.99

  • Choice of one Insight Guides ebook

    • Value: $17.99

  • Wits & Wonder Travel Course

    • Value: $25

  • Hit The Road RV Summit by RVLove

    • Value: $97

  • Travel Smart Video Membership

    • Value: $49.99

  • Writing Skills Intro from Inside the TravelLab

    • Value: $100


To start using now

Great travel related books to read while you have the extra time at home as well as a great gift that you can share with a fellow travel lover who may be celebrating a birthday soon.

  • Experience Gifts from Tinggly

    • A $50 gift certificate to use for yourself or gift a friend

  • A variety of travel related books, including How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World, The World’s Cheapest Destinations, DUE NORTH and Where to Go & When.

  • The Compelling Photograph ebook

    • Value: $9.99

  • Video 101: Tips & Tricks for Awesome Visual Storytelling ebook

    • Value: $5.99

  • Would you like to leave your job and make a living with your writing? ebook

    • Value: $4.99


For when you’re on the road again

You will eventually get to travel again, we promise, which is where the below products will come in handy. From making sure your travel photos look amazing to brushing up on your language skills, along with a few luggage, activity, accommodation and travel planning resources.

  • COURSE: Strategically edit WOW images on your smartphone using Snapseed

    • Value: AU$76.00

  • Language Starter Bundle from cudoo

    • Value: $59.99


    • 20% discount

  • Gymondo

    • Value: $12.99

  • Let’s Roam

    • Get two months for the price of one with Bundle

  • Roadtrippers Plus

    • Value: $6.99

  • Nomad Stays

    • Value: $20.00

  • Best Work-From-Home Jobs For 2020

    • Value: $9.99


Are you sold yet? Head over to the #TravelDreamsBundle page now, and get your hands on this awesome deal.

We’re pretty sure you won’t regret it!


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The Travel Dreams Bundle

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