Look to the future: alternative ways to travel around Barcelona

During these testing times on the back of the COVID-19 virus, many people have seen future travel plans be cancelled for the foreseeable future.

As frustrating as this is, we strongly believe that respecting the health measures in place all over the world should be observed by all. As well as this, that health is the most important thing for everyone right now.

However, we feel that one of the best ways to get through this is by thinking of exciting things to plan for when normality resumes. Therefore, we have looked to show you all the alternative ways you can travel around Barcelona. So that, when the day comes, you can get around Barcelona in a unique and fun way.

Barcelona is a city full of diverse people, traditions and… transport! It is normal in the city to be seen getting about on some truly unique modes of transport. Therefore, to give you the lowdown before your next visit to Barcelona, we have compromised a list of some of the…


Alternative ways to get around Barcelona

In this way, you will fit in like a true local as you cruise around the city centre!


Vespa Yego

Despite being from Italy, the Vespa has become a very popular way to get around Barcelona.

You will see many locals driving them to and from work as the majority of people working in Barcelona, live in apartments in and around the city. Therefore, having a vespa makes sense due to not taking up too much space for parking and having a relatively low upkeep. With the use of mobile payments through apps, some companies have teamed up with the Barcelona council to offer rentable vespas all over the city. Our favourite is YeGo, these are easily recognisable with their mint green colour! They are dotted about all over the city and you simply download the app and use that to unlock the vehicles. You need not worry about their charge (yes they are electric!), as they are charged up over night for you to use the next day. Their price is €0.25/minute. 


Electric scooters

Another new trend are electric scooters!

These are big in Barcelona and nearby Valencia. They offer a very alternative way to get around Barcelona, as people access them in stores or online and rent them for an hourly rate. Most of these places will ask for a deposit before using, but their hourly rates are affordable and fair. Our favourite place to rent electric scooters in Barcelona is Lynx as they drop off the scooters at your accommodation in as little as 2 hours and you can keep them for days at a time! After having your fun, you can get them collected again. This is hassle free and gives you more time to explore the city! They cost €25 per day and €126 per week!



One mode of transport that has been around a little longer than those mentioned so far, is the bicycle!

These are found all over Barcelona and get locals from A to B. Our recommended bike rental if you are a local is to use is Bicing, an initiative set up by the Catalonia government as an initiative to get people out of cars and buses, to get around the city. If you are just in Barcelona on holiday, then you should use Born Bike. Here you can rent them from their office by Barceloneta Metro stop and pay for different hours, as well as for a couple of days! Their prices are as follow and includes a map as well as a bike lock:

2 hours             6€

3 to 5 hours     10€

24 hours         15€

2 days             25€

Extra day          7€


Hop on hop off bus

Lastly, for those looking for a more relaxing way to get around the city centre of Barcelona, then there is the hop on hop off bus.

This is perfect when you have a limited amount of time in Barcelona as it goes via the monuments of the city centre at a leisurely pace for you to enjoy. A normal bus ticket costs €27 and allows you to, you guessed it, hop on and off any time of day! This way you can get around the city centre, seeing the sights from the Sagrada Familia to the Camp Nou!


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Look to the future: alternative ways to travel around Barcelona

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