How to do Barcelona with a Dog

For many people, a dog is like a family member – with a study carried out by Amazon last year revealing that 52% of Spanish people prefer their pet to other humans!

So, we know you want the best for your pup, whether a visitor or resident of Barcelona, you want to know how to enjoy life to the full with your furry friend.

Barcelona is an excellent dog friendly city, complete with parks, restaurants and outdoor spaces that welcome both you and your dog.

Read on for our guide of the best places in Barcelona for man’s best friend.


A Guide on How to do Barcelona with a Dog

Parks and Green Areas

Living in the city centre doesn’t mean you have to always take a pavement walk, as Barcelona is home to countless parks, over a 100 of which being dog friendly. This means you don’t have to worry about needing to leave, and these areas all have bag dispensers, non-rust litters and fountains for your dog to drink and cool off by.


Parc de la Ciutadella

The renowned Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the best places in Barcelona to take your dog, due to not only the sheer size of their green areas for throwing a ball on, but for the beautiful scenery for you too! The long paths through the park are perfect as well if you enjoy running with your dog. Or, just grab an ice cream and relax by the lake, both sound good to us.


Jardins Joan Brossa

Found on the breathtaking Montjuïc hill, the Joan Brossa gardens are a huge 5.2 hectares of green space for you and your pup to take a stroll. The views of Barcelona are stunning from up here, great for taking a breather from fast city life.


Parc del Joan Miró

Many local dog owners of the Eixample Esquerra neighbourhood have Joan Miró as their park of choice for their pet, and it’s not hard to see why. The beautiful park is one of the biggest in the city and has a designated area for dogs to be let off the lead to run.


Parc de l’Estació del Nord

This unique park is found just slightly north of the Parc de la Ciutadella, with an area of more than 1000m2 that welcomes four legged friends. It is unique in its style due to the art sculptures that have been constructed into the land, by American artist, Beverley Pepper.


Pet-friendly Restaurants, Cafés & Bars

Not every restaurant in Barcelona is welcoming of dogs, so it’s always best to check with the individual place before you head down. However, a surprisingly large number are dog friendly, but here’s a few of our personal favourites:


Billy Brunch

Billy Brunch is infamous for serving what many customers call the best brunch they have ever tried. Open 365 days a year, serving delicious pancakes, smoothies, and even cocktails, Billy is a must try. Now, add in the fact your pooch can accompany you to brunch with friends, and what’s not to love!

Carrer de Bailèn, 115, 08009 Barcelona



Serving burgers, chicken wings, and over 20 craft beers on tap, Cocovail beer hall is the best place to head for a bite to eat with friends. Or, just to head for a beer and watch the live sport they show! Cocovail also welcomes dogs to join in the fun.

Carrer d’Aragó, 284, 08009 Barcelona


A Tu Bola

This quirky restaurant quite appropriately for dog-lovers serves all of their food in a ball shape! Yes, you read correctly. A Tu Bola has rave reviews for its innovative take on home cooked food, but a must visit for you and your four-legged friend!

Carrer de l’Hospital, 78, 08001 Barcelona


Pet-friendly Beaches

One of the best parts of the beautiful city of Barcelona is the array of endless beaches to visit. It is essential however to be aware of the rules around bringing your dog along for the fun. In the winter, dogs are permitted on the beach at any time.

However, during the summer months, pets are only allowed onto the beaches after sunset, late at night, or early morning.

The exceptions to this are guide and assistance dogs, who are allowed to access the beach at any time or day of the year.

The best part is there is actually a designated dog beach in Barcelona! The Playa del Llevant in Poblenou offers a space of around 1200m2 of secured area where pooches can paddle and play, as well as showers and fountains to cool them off at the end. Further out of Barcelona there is also Sant Pol de Mar, Playa les Banyeretes and Playa Les Salines which have been designated as dog friendly.


Travelling Around the City

Pets are allowed onto the metro system, so long as you travel with them outside of the busy, rush hour times, this being: between 7:00 – 9:30 and 17:00 – 19:00. The rule is also that you must either muzzle your dog or put them into a carrier, with the exception to this being for small dogs. Similarly, a non-extending lead must be used.

It is a rule for those coming into Spain with a pet that it must be microchipped too, but it’s also generally a good idea to have this done even if you’re a resident.


So, whether you’re a resident or a visitor looking to enjoy life with your dog in Barcelona, we hope with our advice you can make the most of the city, as it’s one of the most dog-friendly ones you can find!


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How to do Barcelona with a Dog

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