Hiking Drakensberg Amphitheatre

Drakensberg Amphitheatre is located in South Africa’s Royal Natal National Park. It is widely regarded as one of the most impressive cliff faces on earth. Hiking Drakensberg Amphitheatre to the top called Mont-Aux-Sources (3283m) or “Roof of Africa” is equally as impressive and beautiful.

Hiking Drakensberg Amphitheatre

This 43km hair-raising trail can be accomplished in 3 days and 3 nights. Along the way hikers can spend the night in comfortable lodges, instead of tents. It is important that you bring a very reliable backpack with you that can be a home for all things essential. A waterproof backpack from Arkadia Supply would be ideal. Although the Drakensberg Amphitheatre trail has been designed to enable walkers of average fitness to reach the summit and be rewarded with breathtaking views; weather can be treacherous. One minute the group can be swimming in the Tugela River and the next, blanketed in thick fog. Paths are not clearly marked and the ladders slippery when wet, so this hike requires a registered guide carrying first aid kit and safety ropes. Most hikes do usually involve a guide, such as white pocket utah dreamland tours because the terrain can be uneven. That’s the next hike on my list…

Hiking Drakensberg Amphitheatre Walking Trail

Along the way hikers get to experience amazing scenery.


Drakensberg Amphitheatre Scenery

Drakensberg Amphitheatre Valley


World’s second highest waterfall “Tugela Falls”


World’s second highest waterfall Tugela Falls


Scary chain ladders for  you to climb..


Drakensberg Amphitheatre Scary Chain Ladders


Drakensberg Amphitheatre Chain Ladder Looking Down


When you reach the top you will be rewarded with spectacular views


Drakensberg Amphitheatre View From The Top


Drakensberg Amphitheatre Views

Drakensberg Amphitheatre Through Clouds

This article is about the slackpacking trail. There are shorter hiking drakensberg amphitheatre trails that can be accomplished in one day. The trail is open year round but spring and summer are best times for wildflowers.


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Hiking Drakensberg Amphitheatre

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